Top 6 ideas for office design and office space

office design and office space

1-Open and free plans :

In modern office designs, A wall-less office space, the more beautiful they look.

When there is an open view in the common space and people see each other, they are more encouraged to work and cooperate with each other.

In this way, when a change is needed, it is very easy to change the decoration.Also, because fewer separating walls are used, the cost is much lower.

In addition, it can be said that this work has an effect on the health of the employees.

Open floor plans make it easier for people to move around the space, thus helping employees to be more mobile.

office design and office space

2-color psychology

Using color design and psychology at the same time in office decoration is a very popular design trend.

For example, orange raises energy, because it is a warm color that reminds of summer heat, beautiful sunset or fresh and juicy oranges.

Green, yellow and blue colors are often seen in office design.

office design and office space

3-Evocative of being at home

When a space conveys the feeling of home, it creates relaxation and working in it creates less mental pressure.

Comfortable benches that are placed around a table are considered a great idea so that colleagues can experience more happy and attractive times.

office design and office space

4- Multipurpose spaces

When an office is designed in a multi-purpose way, it is more efficient and can become an environment that meets the needs and conditions of these days.

In multi-purpose environments, one space can be used for two people to work. For example, a space can be suitable for relaxing,

but also suitable for compact and informal meetings or two-person conversations between colleagues.

This can only be done by placing a few benches and chairs around a table or spreading a carpet. You can even use a colored or glass wall to separate the space.

In fact, with this work, you are defining a small and private space that can be used for multiple purposes.

office design and office space

5- Integration of modern furniture

Using desks and integrated office furniture that can hide the wires is very useful and efficient.

In the design of modern offices, office furniture companies place a socket for each desk and place the wires and cables completely safely so that employees can think about their work issues instead of looking for sockets.

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6- Natural elements

Flowers and plants increase efficiency and make the work environment more attractive, so employees are more attracted to the work space.

Also, plants clean and purify the indoor air and reduce stress.

In addition to plants, elements such as wooden wall or ceiling panels, stone material, the use of water elements and fireplaces,

induce a sense of touch of nature, which are mesmerizing and relaxing.

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office design and office space

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