Interior Lighting Methods

Interior Lighting Methods

Lighting is one of the blessings that has a great impact on human life. In fact, nothing in the world can be seen without light.

The true value of light is determined when it is dark.

By intelligently guiding the lighting inside the building and by creating areas of light and darkness.

it is possible to separate the interior space into different sections without using separating materials, or use it to make some parts of that space high or hollow.

Of course, the use of natural lighting is much more appropriate because with the help of lighting, some devices can be shown smaller or larger than their actual size.

Good lighting fulfills human needs and creates a sense of comfort and security.

It also harmonizes with the background of the space, and gives a beautiful appearance to the texture, color and shape of the furniture and accessories.

Contrary to this situation, incorrect lighting creates a hurtful feeling in a person.

Among the arts that can refer to the role of light, is the art of architecture, which devotes a detailed discussion to the process of using natural and artificial light.

Natural lighting

The best way to design buildings is to use natural light in the space.

Natural light can be considered according to the qualitative difference.

The amount of usable natural light changes depending on the hours of the day, time periods throughout the year, weather, the amount of air pollution, etc.

The light that enters the space from one side, after being moderated by the curtain, is different from the light that shines directly from above.

Both of these are completely different from the light that is reflected on the building shell before entering the space.

In order to make better use of natural light, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points.

The location of the building should be such that the best use of natural light is made and every residential space has access to a window or skylight.

Give more priority to windows that create a view, and note that the effective level of natural light inside a building is only twice the width of the window and about 2 to 2.5 times its height.

In the design of the building, reduce the size of the eastern and western facades of the building and instead increase the size of the northern and southern directions,

because the path of the sun in the sky changes in different seasons of the year.

Interior Lighting Methods

Interior Lighting Methods

It is very difficult to design windows for the east and west sides of the building due to the need to control the light at different hours of the working day.

In the countries located in the Northern Hemisphere, the windows facing north do not cause heat problems for the residents of the buildings due to the sunlight,

and the windows facing south simply by using the provisions. And shades and bay windows are protected from sunlight.

In natural lighting, there is only one light source, which is the sun, and natural light is actually the sunlight, which has many other benefits besides creating light on the ground.

Interior Lighting Methods

The life of all creatures depends on this energetic source.

Research by scientists has shown that six percent of people who live in the northern regions of this planet and do not benefit from sunlight for a long time

suffer from mental disorders similar to depression.

Scientists have proven that the changes in light radiation that occur as a result of seasonal changes also affect people’s mood.

Artificial lighting

Artificial lighting is used in a few hours of the day and night and also to provide activities such as reading and eating.

Depending on their shape, some artificial light sources are placed in the space in the form of points, lines, planes or volumes.

Interior Lighting Methods

Interior Lighting Methods

Local light treatment

Due to the fact that for some activities such as eating and performing delicate tasks, general lighting is not responsive, local lighting is used.

This light is adjustable and can be used to divide the space. For example, light can usually emphasize the dining area.

It is possible to display a wider or smaller space by means of light.

For this purpose, lighting on the walls and corners of the environment is sufficient.

In this way, the surroundings become brighter than the center and appear larger, while for example, if we use only one light source to illuminate a small area within the furniture,

for example, the range of people’s vision is limited. and as a result the space looks even smaller than it is.

In order to distribute the desired light, it is necessary to locate and arrange the lights in such a way that enough light reaches the upper parts of the walls and ceiling.

This generally has the lights at uniform intervals so that the intensity of lighting needed in the space can be achieved.

It is necessary to create a certain intensity of light to ensure the illumination of each area.

And the light distribution should be reasonably even.

This means that the entire room should be adequately lit and dark areas should be avoided in large areas.

Two types of direct and indirect lighting can be used in the lighting of spaces.

Direct lighting: In this method, light sources directly and without intermediaries illuminate the space with dazzling light.

Interior Lighting Methods

Indirect lighting

The use of indirect lighting provides the possibility of creating soft lights when we need relaxation in the space.

The way this lighting works is built-in, in this case, all the lights are directed towards the ceiling or other surfaces, and other surfaces of the room are illuminated by mutual reflection.

The effect of natural light in different directions to the interior of the building

North-facing rooms: because the sunlight does not shine directly in them, they are cold and a dazzling light can be seen in these spaces.

East-facing rooms: The first rooms that light up when the sun rises are the east-facing rooms.

After a few hours of sunrise, a long and long shadow casts a shadow on these rooms.

It is better to use measures such as shutters, sunshades, curtains, etc.

in these rooms to moderate the intense and dazzling light of the sun at sunrise.

Rooms facing south: the light and heat of the sun are present in these rooms throughout the day.

although the quality and quantity may change slightly during the day and in different seasons.

According to the geographical location of our country, the spaces where you spend a lot of time during the day should face south.

West-facing rooms: In the hottest hours of the day, sunlight shines in these rooms and when the light is intense, it hurts the eyes.

In the afternoon, the sun sets in these rooms and the sunlight becomes stronger. Especially in the winter season, these rooms are cold. Summer creates a lot of heat.

Of course, it should be noted that the above items may change slightly in different climates and at different latitudes and longitudes.

Interior Design Turkey

Interior Lighting Methods

The position of lighting in the interior design of the building

Living in today’s skyscrapers is not always in the sunlight.

Today’s developments, from simple household glass lamps, have now gone to very exciting lighting systems, and even brought the work to a place where it is called

a completely systematic science and knowledge.

Nowadays, especially the role of this science in interior architecture is very important and attractive.

With the increase in the efficiency of the electricity industry and its related technology facilities, the use of optical products has also grown significantly;

As it must be admitted, lighting has opened the way for a revolution in the understanding and design of architecture.

These products, which include various lights and lighting systems, are the main lighting tools. With the diversity of this tool, designers face a problem,

and that is choosing the right optical device and determining the right place for it.

Such a problem is more complicated than providing a little light.

Although bare lamps are able to easily meet the needs of small amounts of light.

it is clear that the precise aspects of providing comfort and the subtleties of aesthetics are not handled by these simple devices.

In fact, the main issue is not in the preparation and supply of light, but the adjustment of light sources to create a suitable visual environment.

Home decoration in Turkey

Although bare lamps are able to easily meet the needs of small amounts of light, it is clear that the precise aspects of providing comfort and the subtleties of

aesthetics are not handled by these simple devices. In fact, the main issue is not in the preparation and supply of light, but the adjustment of light sources to create a suitable visual environment.

Interior Lighting Methods

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