Color For Restaurant Decoration

Color For Restaurant Decoration

It doesn’t matter if you want to design the decoration of a restaurant or fast food or even a hotel, etc., in any case, you can’t choose only one factor. In fact, a great and impressive decoration is a combination of several great choices together, which has finally led to a positive result and feedback. In choosing the best color for restaurant decoration, several factors should be considered, which are:


1.Restaurant decoration style

In the first step to choose the color of the restaurant, you must determine what style of restaurant you intend to open; Modern or traditional? In general, in modern restaurants, the atmosphere is darker and the colors used are more cheerful. But in traditional restaurants, the ambient light is average and mostly cream and brown colors are used in decoration.

Color For Restaurant Decoration

  1. Restaurant menu

In general, dining halls can be divided into two types of restaurants and fast food. Each of these two options has different conditions and the choice of color for them is completely different. In restaurants, the goal is for the customer to spend more time in the place and eat in peace. On the contrary, in fast food, as the food is prepared quickly, the goal is that the customer does not spend a lot of time eating. Therefore, different colors should be used in these two to achieve the main goal.

Color For Restaurant Decoration

The best color for restaurant decoration :

Red color in restaurant decor

In psychology, some colors strongly affect people’s appetite. As a result, using them can increase the feeling of hunger in people, and of course, the sense of movement and high energy induced by this color leads to quick eating of food and movement of the place. This is why this color is less used in restaurants, and on the other hand, it will be a great choice for fast food.

Color For Restaurant Decoration

Orange color in restaurant decoration design

Among other colors that stimulate appetite, we can mention orange color. The effect of this color on humans is largely similar to red. That is, it is appetizing and creates a sense of movement in people. It is precisely for this reason that most fast food restaurants use the combination of red and orange colors in their decoration design. Creating a sense of movement in orange is one of the reasons why it cannot be mentioned as the best color for restaurant decor.

Color For Restaurant Decoration

Yellow color in the restaurant design

Yellow, like red and orange, stimulates people’s appetite to a great extent, but the relaxation felt from it makes people leave the environment later. As a result, it is a suitable option for most restaurants and keeps appetite and peace together well.

Color For Restaurant Decoration

Brown color for restaurant design

Brown is one of the best colors for traditional restaurants because in addition to stimulating the appetite, it also induces a sense of intimacy and peace. Of course, brown does not stimulate the appetite as much as red and orange, and therefore it should not be used excessively.

shivart design

Blue color in the restaurant decoration

It is rare to enter a restaurant where the dominant color is blue, because this color strongly affects appetite reduction and will work completely against the restaurant’s goals. As a result, it is better not to use this color for the interior decoration of the restaurant and its other parts.

shivart design


The best color combination in restaurant decor design

One of the principles of interior decoration design is to use the right color combination instead of using one color in it. As a result, if you are looking for the best color for the restaurant, it is better to look for the best color combination for these environments. Because monochromatic environments make people tired very quickly, and on the other hand, the use of intelligent harmony leads to positive feedback.

Shivart Design

Beige, pale yellow, white, light gray and bone

Dark red, purple, deep blue, dark green and reddish-brown (of course, this color is more suitable for coffee shops)

Yellow, red, orange, gold and light brown

Brown, olive green, orange, crimson

Color For Restaurant Decoration


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