Best Living Room Decoration That Will Be Everywhere in 2023

Best Living Room Decoration 2023

While the kitchen may be the heart of the home, the living room is where all the relaxing happens.

From cozy movie nights to family game days, this is a room that needs to serve a lot of purposes—and ideally, look good at the same time.

With this in mind, we turned to some of our favorite designers to ask for their best predictions for living room trends in 2023.

1-Rich, Muted Tones

If a few years ago was the heydey of Millennial Pink and the last few years were all about verdant shades, 2023 is shaping up to be all about rich,

vibrant colors in muted tones.
We love the feeling evoked in this room by Rupp Studio with a burgundy velvet sofa, deep sage lime-washed walls,
and pillows that are the sexier cousin to teal.
House Beautiful’s 2023 Whole Home also saw designers leaning into deep, dark palettes to evoke warmth and comfort.
Best Living Room Decoration 2023

2-Warmer Neutrals

In terms of neutrals, warm, earth tones complement those rich hues well.

We see a trend in 2023 toward warm, non-intrusive, neutral tones and materials, which provide comfort and security,”

Max Gansow, co-founder of furniture brand Vetsak, told House Beautiful this fall.

“Raw, organic materials, and tones such as brown ocher, which we showcase in our genuine bovine leather collection, offer a cozy yet modern grounding base.

” This living room by Chad Wood proves how well the rich hues and warm neutrals pair.

Best Living Room Decoration 2023


Let’s hear it for 2023 being the year we…actually use our living rooms.

Now that we know better than ever how we use our homes, they’re adapting to better serve those needs.

In his space at the 2022 Whole Home, Duväl Reynolds devised one room complete with areas for reading, napping, drinking, entertaining, and even stargazing.

Best Living Room Decoration 2023

4-Fluted Details

This trend was so big at this year’s Kips Bay Dallas showhouse that we devoted an entire report to it.

Next Wave designer Linda Hayslett agrees, saying “fluted and reeded pieces in neutral spaces” are huge right now.

While the look was once reserved for small detail areas, we predict next year will see it expand into living spaces, like in this room by Jean Liu.

Best Living Room Decoration 2023


5-Next-Level Media Experiences

With new bingeworthy shows launching weekly and an increased comfort in staying in, 2023 proves to be the year many homeowners splurge

for an upgraded media experience, whether in the form of a large-scale TV (this LG one in a room by Keia McSwain measures a whopping 136 inches)

or custom sound system.

Best Living Room Decoration 2023

Best Living Room Decoration 2023

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