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SHIVART Architecture and Interior Design Company was founded in 2017 by:  Shiva Kafashzadeh.

At First, SHIVART ‘s artistic and commercial activities were established in Cyprus, and after completing numerous projects and becoming known in the local and international market of expert architects, she targeted Istanbul in Turkey to expand her activities.

Istanbul, as a metropolis and the link between the two continents of Asia and Europe, was able to provide a more suitable platform for SHIVART ‘s professional activities, and since 2019, the volume of orders and demands for the design and implementation of chain restaurants was quite noticeable.

As a result, SHIVART was able to include a complete resume of consulting and designing international restaurants in Turkey in her professional portfolio. In addition to the design and implementation of restaurants in Turkey, SHIVART was a senior consultant for the design and decoration of luxury villas and offices in many areas of Istanbul and was able to expose her expertise in interior and exterior architecture and the design and implementation of building facades.

These days, SHIVART is considered one of the most well-known young and experienced architects in Istanbul and has a portfolio full of fabulous designs and projects in Turkey and neighboring countries.

All the effort and goal of SHIVART is to create a professional working relationship with its international clients, and the satisfaction of all clients today is one of the honors of SHIVART Architecture and Interior Design Company.


 SHIVART design is a leading interior design firm that transforms any vision into a reality, creating a design for life. We work closely with our clients and take any project from conception/design to construction and completion.

SHIVART design offers a comprehensive suite of design, consultation and renovation services for our clients in residential, commercial, hotel, office, landscape, and hospitality projects. We believe that only the highest standard of work will suffice and we achieve this by providing our clients with quality through excellent management, an experienced workforce and attention to every detail. Shivart design is an architecture and interior design studio located in Istanbul turkey but we do projects all over the world in Europe, middle east and other places .