10 steps to find the best interior designer

find the best interior designer

Are you planning to create a new form to the interior design of your office or home?

Are you looking for a specialist to do this job for you?

We can guarantee you are not alone. Indeed, finding suitable interior designer is and easy job as it sounds.

Even though there are many interior designers out there, they differ in many aspects, such as the quality of their services, trustability,

and price fees. This is why searching in this matter has some hints to express in this article.

Here we mention 10 most important tips for this matter:

find the best interior designer

  1. Determine your requirements

Before you start searching and contacting interior designers, it is very importance that you clarify your needs,

which is like the style you have in your mind. First of all When you contact an interior designer, you will be asked to describe what you want.

Choosing a style is not difficult. If you don’t have a specific modelin your mind, just use Pinterest to collect your favorite interior design.

But ensure that you go with the style that will make your home more functional and beautiful.

find the best interior designer

  1. Start researching designers

Now that you have clarify your taste, the next thing to do is to search for a designer.

Don’t waste your time calling all the contact numbers on search engine. Home interior designers are specialized in various styles.

So do your best to search in the exact category of the design you are looking for.

Make a resume search on them, checkout their pages on Instagram, Youtube,

where you can see their sample projects. If you are a foreigner in Istanbul, make sure that the designer can speak English.

Now its time to make a list of your favorite designers.

find the best interior designer

  1. Determine your budget

renovating a house can be expensive. We advise not to start such a project if you are not sure of having enough money to complete it.

Even if you want the designer to purchase all the materials required by themselves or you want to buy them by yourself,

your budget should cover the service fees and the cost for the materials.

find the best interior designer

  1. Contact the designers

When you are done with the first three steps, it is time to contact with the designers you choose. This is time to get more information about the interior designer.

Take the advantage of the free consultation services provided by most of them to ask plenty of questions about their services to determine their proficiency and experience.

Questions should revolve around the project duration, qualifications, experience, referrals, their services, their registration/certifications etc.

After the phone conversation, call back to the designers, who convinced you to meet them in real life.

By doing so, you will understand who is really interested in doing your interiors.

find the best interior designer

  1. Be ready to make an adjustment to your style!

As it is mentioned before, once you determine your style before starting to search for a designer, you are one step ahead.

Now it is time for your interior designer to show how to bloom up your interior according to your taste and convince you for your new project.

find the best interior designer

  1. Consider language barrier

Language is always a significant barrier to foreign homebuyers.

If you are purchasing a house in Turkey and you are unable to speak Turkish, it is a challenge that you hire a designer who talks in English and is also

knowledgeable with the legal requirements for foreign homebuyers in Turkey.

find the best interior designer

  1. Compare ideas & services offered

Take time to compare these designers before making a choice.

An excellent way to make this comparison is to write down the advantages and drawbacks of using each of the interior designers.

Go with anyone that gives you better service, trust, and better solutions for your interiors. In the end, sincerity is the most essential thing in business.

find the best interior designer

find the best interior designer

  1. Choose a service and agree on terms

Make your choice intelligently and then discuss the terms of the service with them, make sure if your interior designer is providing contact and legal invoices.

Thus, you will be sure that you are working with an officially registered company and there is no possibility that you lose time and money.

Ensure that you understand every aspect of the project. Furthermore, don’t sign any contract if you don’t understand it completely.

In the light of the above, don’t come to the negotiation table unprepared. The contract should state the timeline of the project and its responsibilities.

find the best interior designer


  1. Take advantage of working with an interior designer

Most of the interior designers have exclusive agreements with shops, ateliers, and other producers.

Interior decorating in Istanbul

  1. Be updated about the process of your project

You should know each and every detail about your ongoing project.

So, ask your interior designer for periodical reports about the process of your project.

find the best interior designer

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